Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tired... and LOVIN' IT!!!!

Oh man, this strip looks like an idea that was thought of by some yahoo at maybe three or four o'clock. I am up at uhh.... oh, 3:13 AM and am having to slap myself, trying to keep myself from starting a buisness that sells Waffle Kitesrwithacirclearoundit, and maybe in a few years, I'd become the world's largest buisness of edible kites. Who knows, maybe when I'm forty, or am older than that. I'm gonna be sitting on a crappy little folding chair, reading some news magazine, like NewsweekTMwhateverthatmeans, and the latest billionaires worked their way up making edible kites. Anyway, I love it when I'm tired, and I try to write down my ideas. Maybe on some future post, I'll print some of them.


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