Friday, October 20, 2006


Why is everyone so prejudice against Nerds? Without them Technology cannot move forward. Can you imagine the first nerd?
Early Nerd:Hey look what I made. I call it the wheel.
Early Jock:Hey look: Jephosafat is a techno Nerd. Everyone make fun of him.
Early Nerd:Whatever. Hey I'm going to play a Massively Multiplayer Cave Wall Game.

Without nerds, we would have no video games, no computers, no email, no technology, no blogs, etc. We, the Nerd, brought to the world a New era, where computers were now affordable and convienient. We brought the world many entertainment forms, like Comic books, video games, and the Internet. So why so prejudice against Nerds? We should all just take off our skating shirts, even though most of us don't skate, and put on our "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" shirts. Take off the hats with phrases that amuse us, and Put on our "I am Root" hats. Stop watching movies or shows that we only watch because it's popular, And watch your some Soylent Green!!!!!!!


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