Monday, February 05, 2007

Just for fun:

You wanna have fun? I'm a huge nerd, so what I do for fun is borrow my borther's D&D kit and make a character. But not really. Cause That game really sucks. What I really do for fun is I play PC games. So far my favorites are Baulder's Gate, Serious Sam, and Fallout Tactics. I need some suggestions for the next big Game I set out to beat. So if anyone actually reads this, give me some suggestions.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tired... and LOVIN' IT!!!!

Oh man, this strip looks like an idea that was thought of by some yahoo at maybe three or four o'clock. I am up at uhh.... oh, 3:13 AM and am having to slap myself, trying to keep myself from starting a buisness that sells Waffle Kitesrwithacirclearoundit, and maybe in a few years, I'd become the world's largest buisness of edible kites. Who knows, maybe when I'm forty, or am older than that. I'm gonna be sitting on a crappy little folding chair, reading some news magazine, like NewsweekTMwhateverthatmeans, and the latest billionaires worked their way up making edible kites. Anyway, I love it when I'm tired, and I try to write down my ideas. Maybe on some future post, I'll print some of them.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Why is everyone so prejudice against Nerds? Without them Technology cannot move forward. Can you imagine the first nerd?
Early Nerd:Hey look what I made. I call it the wheel.
Early Jock:Hey look: Jephosafat is a techno Nerd. Everyone make fun of him.
Early Nerd:Whatever. Hey I'm going to play a Massively Multiplayer Cave Wall Game.

Without nerds, we would have no video games, no computers, no email, no technology, no blogs, etc. We, the Nerd, brought to the world a New era, where computers were now affordable and convienient. We brought the world many entertainment forms, like Comic books, video games, and the Internet. So why so prejudice against Nerds? We should all just take off our skating shirts, even though most of us don't skate, and put on our "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" shirts. Take off the hats with phrases that amuse us, and Put on our "I am Root" hats. Stop watching movies or shows that we only watch because it's popular, And watch your some Soylent Green!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My stupid sister

I'm sorry, but I promised my retarded sister that I'd put a link to her blog. It's and what she says about Alex, her second brother is untrue.
Oh, yeah, and that's my favorite band, Weezer. On the muppet show.

When you're tired...

When you are tired, have you ever noticed that everything looks and sounds like a good idea? I was up at one in the morning last night, and suddenly thought that "No Child left a Dime" was a good thing! Also, everything is... hilarious. For instance, I was up at three in the morning (!!!) playing a video game (Star Wars Battlefront) and for no apparent reason, I started giggling. I giggled like a little schoolgirl. Ok, scratch the schoolgirl part, I really giggled like a guy who just drank two year old apple juice. Does anyone else have this problem? I really want to know.

Friday, August 11, 2006

This is my True Picture. With a slight Background change.

August 11th is my Birthday!

It's my birthday today. I've been thinking of some strange new things to start doing now that I'm (unspecified amount of years) For instance, I've started Karate. Karate is a very physical type of combat for those of you that have been living under a rock and have never seen a martial arts movie. I have also decided to become one of those idiots who are "Ready for Anything!" but are really just using it as an excuse to get a Frickin' twelve gauge and some other, often pointy, always dangerous, objects. I am preparing to stand against a zombie uprising, by training to block offensive motions, practicing my aim (A zombie can only be killed by destroying the brain) and stealth. I will be the new order!